Slough, situated between the Trading Estate and Heathrow, was a vibrant town not so long ago, now it is dying, with shops and businesses closing almost daily.  Brexit Party policies are to free up organisations from unnecessary regulations, and red tape and, most importantly, cut extortionate business rates.


We would ensure that many more homes are made available, at an affordable price.  They need to be built on brownfield sites, with appropriate infrastructure, including adequate parking, local schools and surgeries. Where these are not currently available they must be provided.


Increasing Crime is a major problem.  We, in the Brexit Party, would increase Police numbers, significantly, and ensure that they operate effectively. 


Regarding Heathrow the country was assured by Boris Johnson that there would be no third runway; it is now Tory Policy.  We would fight against an additional runway being imposed, which would increase demands, congestion, and pollution in the area. There is plenty of scope for the development of regional airports, thus reducing bulk container transport on the roads around Slough.


Most of my life I have lived in the area, and attended St. Bernard's Convent School, until the age of 12. Having been a lady airline pilot I have seen much of the world, and know that Britain is one of the best countries in which to live and work.  Freed from the EU, and its stifling regulation, we can make it even better.  

Delphine Gray-Fisk

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